Where do networks come from?

The key assumption underlying both the peer effects and structural approaches to network effects assume some degree of exogeneity in the existence…

Analyzing Networks in R: Centrality and Graphing

One important procedure in network analysis is determining the centrality of a node within a social network. In this post, I will show you how to do four things: Calculate four centrality measures Closeness centrality Betweenness centrality Degree centrality (indegree and outdegree) Eigenvector centrality Symmetrize social networks Plot social networks using the gplot function in R. Correlate […]

Creating value for others

One of the most important resources you have for creating value is your social network. And one of the most…

Understanding Your Network

For this assignment, I want you to draw your advice network and friendship network out to two degrees. That is,…

Entrepreneurial networks

Who is this? Keep this face in mind, at least for a bit. In the prior lecture we discussed the simple micro-macro-micro process described in Granovetter (1973), the “Strength of Weak Ties.” Recall what we discussed: The forbidden triad is forbidden because in equilibrium it is generally unstable, because it is unbalanced. The unstable structure of the […]